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Can Asbestosis be Cured? Asbestos Testing Rockville Maryland

If you think you may have asbestos in your home or office in the Rockville Maryland and surrounding areas please contact Jeff Pace with at 301 717-1454.

Business Name: MD Mold Testing

Address: 4014 Fox Valley Dr, Rockville, MD 20853

Phone: (301) 717-1454




Choose an asbestos testing provider that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to perform an inspection and collect samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos.

The testing provider will take samples from areas dampened with water and will typically need a piece an inch or two in diameter. Samples are sealed in plastic and labeled for testing.

If asbestos is found in materials that could be hazardous, your asbestos testing provider can advise you on your options for removal. MD Mold Testing is certified by the EPA for asbestos testing and has performed thousands of home inspections in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, and Northern Virginia.

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How Should You Prepare For A Mold Inspection? (Mold Testing Rehoboth Beach Delaware)


How Should You Prepare For A Mold Inspection?

For a free consultation call Abby Pace at 301 412 7562

  • Turn off HVAC/central heating systems for a minimum of two hours before testing.
  • Keep doors and windows closed for a period of two hours before any testing begins….
  • Turn off air purification machines for twenty-four hours before the appointment. …

MD Mold Testing has been providing professional home inspection services for over 20 years in the Rehoboth Beach Delaware area. For a free consultation call Abby Pace at 301 412 7562 We are affiliated with Mdmoldtesting in Rockville Maryland.

Owner Jeff Pace has been the official inspector for the White House and Hud Chief 203k Consultant Chief Inspector and Environmental Scientist. Our inspectors are licensed, certified, and experienced so you can expect nothing but professional service.

If you are a current or prospective homeowner in the Lewes Beach, Jimtown,Marshtown, Nassau, Belltown, Midway, Henlopen Keys, and Ocean City Maryland please contact Abby Pace at 301 412 7562

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