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3 Signs You May Have Mold in Your Rockville Maryland Home

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There are a few things shoppers should never take a seller’s word for; not necessarily because the seller is dishonest, but because they might not know about the problem.

Such is the case with mold growth, which goes undetected in many American homes.

These spores not only spread rapidly, they also cannot be completely eradicated. In other words, they are a permanent, i.e., expensive problem. The danger

The difficulty with mold is the is often grows out of sight, such as on the backside of drywall and other concealed areas that are in close to leaking pipes. Fueled by moisture, these spores multiply like gremlins and can be quite costly to remediate.

More importantly, mold can produce irritants and allergens that cause serious health problems for the home’s occupants.

Warning signs When shopping for a home, keep an eye out for the following signs: Water marks and musty odors are the most common signs, since mold and moisture are always linked Dank areas like basements that have experienced flooding or had standings water in the past Listen for leaks or dripping water in the ceilings or walls.

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6 Common Areas For Mold Contamination In Your Rockville Maryland Home

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Mold, one of the most prolific organisms in the world, loves to hide in your home, taking up residence, and growing easier.

1. The Kitchen

2. The Bathroom

3. The Basement Or Crawl Space

4. Inside Your HVAC System

5. On the Components of Appliances

6. On Your Plumbing and Ductwork

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