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Some Situations in Which Water Testing Is Beneficial to Rehoboth Beach Homeowners

Public water supplies in Rehoboth Beach Delaware must be tested regularly for contamination from pathogens, toxic chemicals, and radioactive elements under applicable Delaware and federal laws. But even with public water supplies, contamination to water in the home may be caused by your plumbing fixtures, or to inadequate water treatment facilities in your community. Here are several situations in which you may want water testing to be performed.

When You Are Considering Buying A Rehoboth Beach Home

If you are considering purchasing a Rehoboth Beach Delaware home with a private water supply from a well, it’s smart to have water testing done before you make an offer. Some Rehoboth Beach Delaware home inspectors are licensed to perform water testing and some are not. Water tests should look for the presence of:

  • HVAC systems
  • Roof
  • Structural damages

If the home is located near a potential contamination source, well water testing is even more important. You can have water tests performed in a home with public water supply if you have reason to believe water quality may have been compromised in some way.

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